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Christmas Competition – What A Smoke Free Christmas Means To Me by Hamza Abboud, 7, Ansar Youth Project

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Thanks to David for his poem! What A Smoke Free Christmas Means To Me Can you imagine the smoke between the eyes, vanished for eternity in the blink of an eye. It spreads around, from one to another, infesting, killing. The organs it does smother. Why then can we access such a harmful tool, for those who are onlookers, must think that we are fools. For if we were to give it up, throw it out to shore. I know we are guaranteed to live forever more. But never can it leave us, there always be the one. Who defies all the risks its just a shame its my son. But maybe we can contain it. It’s a job that must be done. QUIT will help us fight it make sure it is all undone. But if we could just stop it, before the Christmas time. It would make everything better, it would it all fine Forget all those presents, the food the drink the fun. I just want people to quit smoking, that’s the only thing i want done. For i would then know, that everyone would be well. Live that much longer, but only time would tell If people would abide by this which some i know just would.