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“Since quitting I don’t smell of cigarette smoke any more, my children are happy and I feel so much healthier”

Sue Dargan, Greater Manchester

Youth Advisory Board

What is The Youth Advisory Board?

QUIT is currently looking to recruit undergraduate student volunteers to advise and review QUIT’s Youth Services.

Youth Advisory Board Blog please click here: BLOG

Current Youth Advisory Board Members

Matt Fawkes: I am currently studying Sociology and Political Science at the University of Kansas. I joined the Youth Advisory Board because I believe that the best way to reach young people is to engage them. I have also always believed in bettering my community and the Youth Advisory Board provides me with another opportunity to do just that.

Naz Hussain: I am involved with QUIT – the UK’s Smoking Prevention Charity and as soon as I heard about the British Heart Foundation’s Youth Advisory Board project, I wanted to instantly be on board. I feel it is important to give back to our community and help better the world and a fantastic way to do this is to help voice the opinions of the youth to decrease the number of smokers and deaths from cancer. I am excited to be on board to help raise awareness amongst young people.

Mohima Akthar: My name is Mohima and I am currently working with QUIT. I believe that QUIT is a great platform to engage the youth and inform them about the dangers of smoking. I get the chance to work on many projects such as the Youth Advisory Board to collectively to come up with ideas of how we can improve the youth services to make sure it is still current and relevant.

Tamanna Ahmed: I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths in my A-levels. The reason I joined the Youth Advisory Board is because I love to meet new people and know more about their health. My helping nature can be a good opportunity for me to do something positive towards the community and the youth advisory board at QUIT will be the best place to provide me with another opportunity to create and do something new and unique for teenagers at my age.

Grace Beard: I am currently studying Health Promotion and Wellness Management and I joined the Youth Advisory board because I think it is important to promote healthy life style choices, especially amongst young people. Being a member of the Youth Advisory Board gives me the opportunity to educate people on the risks associated with smoking. I’m glad to do my part in creating a healthier world!

Anita Agunda: I have recently graduated from University. I studied youth and community work with education community development so I have a keen interest in engaging with young people in an environment that is actively promoting awareness amongst young people and challenging them to develop themselves. My reasons for joining QUITS Youth Advisory Board is because the organisation embodies my interests and provides a platform for me to gain experience as well as be a positive influence for young people.

Punita Shah: Hi! my name is Punita and I am currently studying dentistry at Barts and the London School of Dentistry. I believe that being part of the Youth Advisory Board is an amazing way to give back to the community and cause awareness about the effects of smoking in a way that satisfies young people’s needs; allowing them to become more health conscious and engaging them in a healthier lifestyle is a great opportunity.

What is main role of the Youth Advisory Board?

Members of the YAB will be responsible for a number items including but not limited to:

•The creation and maintenance of a youth services blog aimed specifically to attract young people

•Attending youth presentations within London to assess the style of presentation and quality of material

•Reviewing and giving feedback on the current QUIT youth resources

•Advising the QUIT team with new youth-oriented ideas in particular with regard to the social media

•Providing fresh new ideas for ad campaigns in order to promote the QUIT brand

•Members of the YAB will be required to attend monthly meetings to assess their progress and discuss their feedback.


The Ideal YAB member is :

•Between the ages of 15-25 and lives in or around London

•Self-motivated, enthusiastic, and interested in volunteering

•Experienced with or has ideas on how to run a successful blog

•A creative thinker and has the ability to form ideas about engaging young people

•Competent in multiple social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc)

•Available on short notice

•Analytical and dedicated towards the work they do

What will you get out of the YAB?

Being a member of the YAB will provide your CV with the valuable experience of working within a charity as well as increase your social media and campaigning skills. Members of the YAB will have the opportunity to stay on and work with other projects and gain a certificate (after successfully completing 11 months of involvement) for their active participation with QUIT.

How do I become a member of the YAB?

To become a member of the YAB please complete the form below with a copy of your CV and a cover letter

Candidates that match our competencies will be asked to come in for an interview

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