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Join our YouTube smoking cessation Thunderclap – getting the right help.

October marks the nation’s biggest quit attempt, but did you know that smokers who want to stop are FOUR times more likely to quit with the support of a healthcare professional1, who has access to a range of proven medical treatments? Many smokers are not aware of this and continue to try to break free from their nicotine addiction without support.

Pfizer, QUIT and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation are teaming up with Ian Wright, Patricia Bright, and Colin Furze in an exciting and innovative YouTube campaign to raise awareness of why asking for help from a healthcare professional can help people stop smoking.

If you would like to support this campaign through your social media channels and help inform the wider public of it, we would be delighted for you to do so by supporting our Thunderclap. Just click on this link http://thndr.it/1KAjnK5 BEFORE 1st October 2015.

The Campaign itself is being run on YouTube from Monday 21st September 2015 until Friday 13th November 2015. All the videos will be placed on the Pfizer UK YouTube channel and 1p will be donated, up to £10,000, every time a video is ‘viewed’ or someone clicks through to the Quit with Help website. The total money raised will be split equally between QUIT and Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation at the end of the campaign.

You can view the videos from Monday 21st September 2015, here:


Find out how much money is raised and which video raised the most by following @PfizerLifeUK on Twitter. The results will be announced on Monday 23rd November 2015.

We are looking forward to an exciting and wide reaching campaign – thank you so much for your support.

If you would like to support QUIT to save lives by helping smokers to stop and children to never start

Please contact German Soares on g.soares@quit.org.uk.