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New Year, New Me

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New Year’s Resolution: Giving up smoking Are you giving up smoking this New Year? Do you need that extra push to give up once and for all? Turning into the New Year symbolises a new start, evoking positivity, the perfect time to set our goals and make the changes to improve our lives once and for all. Quitting those bad habits are on the top of most of our lists. We all know that smoking is not good for us, or even those around us, yet 21% of men and 19% women smoke in the UK. There are over 4000 chemical compounds in tobacco smoke, including carbon-monoxide, arsenic and cyanide. Each year more than 100,000 smokers in the UK die from smoking related causes. You wouldn’t willingly drink cyanide so why would you inhale it? 60% of smokers say they find it difficult lasting a whole day without smoking. Nicotine is addictive, we cannot ignore that, but with a positive attitude, surrounded by a supportive network and accessing products that are proven to help you give up smoking, can lead to you successfully QUITTING. There are numerous products and services available that can effectively help with this. The Government from 2012-2013 alone spent £88.2 million on services to help people stop smoking and a further £60 million on stop smoking medication. Every smoker’s experience is different when it comes to quitting however without trying you won’t know what works for you. The answer is out there. What do you gain by giving up this year? Without a doubt you will see immediate improvements when you quit smoking. You will no longer feel out of breath walking a short distance, you won’t be coughing up phlegm and you will look healthier! Evidence also shows you will feel less anxious, depressed and stressed than smokers. Smoking is an expensive addiction too. Even if you smoke just FIVE cigarettes a day that accumulates to £274 a month and £548 a year! Now that’s something to think about. Get in touch if you’ve given up this 2015? Get in touch if you have given up smoking. Quit would love to hear from you as sharing really can help. It is most likely that what you are experiencing right now is perfectly normal; you are not alone. Sharing your story will not only help you give up once and for all but it can help save lives.