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Be Smoke Free

You may have heard the rumours, but they’re true!

  • Smoking changes your appearance.
  • It gives you smelly hair and clothes and yellows your teeth.
  • It leaves your boyfriend or girlfriend with nasty tasting kisses
  • It leaves you with wrinkly skin, not to mention yellow hands and fingernails.

And that’s not all.

Like the feeling of your heart thumping when the one you adore walks by? Smoking affects that too by poisoning your blood and making your heart heave and strain.

And you can forget the wicked new outfit you’ve been eyeing or Justin Timberlake’s new CD. Smoking just ten cigarettes a day means 3,650 cigarettes a year which costs roughly £770! For that amount you could have:

  • bought 60 CDs
  • flown to Florida twice, or
  • spent three weeks holidaying in Ibiza.

When you stop smoking both your body and your wallet benefits. No one can make the decision but you.

Already made the decision to quit but don’t know where to start? Check out the information below about attending a help session at your school. Or you can ring the freephone Quitline on 0800 00 22 00, and ask for a Break Free pack of postcards. Break Free is sponsored by the British Heart Foundation.

Quit With Help

If you’re ready to quit, we can help! We know you have loads of people telling you what to do already, but that’s not what we’re about.

  • We believe that everybody should have a choice about whether they want to smoke or not.
  • We want help you through the tough times if you’ve made the decision to stop.
  • We’re offering six completely confidential and voluntary help sessions – each lasting about an hour long, one per week for six weeks at your school. They would take place in your lunch hour, and of course, lunch would be provided.

Our counsellors understand the issues you face and can provide you with information, advice and support to help you quit if you want to.

At the help sessions:

  • Counsellors can tell you facts about smoking.
  • You can discuss the reasons why you feel it’s hard to stop.
  • Counsellors can give you advice to help you deal with any cravings you might experience from quitting.
  • You also get to say what smoking related issues you would like to discuss at each session, so the groups tend to be lively, fun and directed by those that attend.

Interested? Have some questions? If you would like to know more about this offer, please contact Alex Frost at a.frost@quit.org.uk or on 020 7251 1551. Or you can call the free phone Quitline at 0800 00 22 00.

We can also help by e mail – stopsmoking@quit.org.uk – and we will reply the same day.